The Jones Family

Our 8-year-old son is creative and enthusiastic about learning new things. His passion for life is infectious! In spite of incredible strengths, he also faces significant challenges due to pronounced dyslexia and a speech impairment. While we loved his school community and adored his teachers, we found that the specific expertise required for his condition was not available at his public school. They simply didn’t have the specialized tools, training, and resources to help support his reading impairment. After two years in kindergarten, and a full year of first grade, he still could not read. We knew we had no choice but to pivot. We then discovered the perfect school for him that specializes in dyslexia. For our family, the STO program has been such a blessing, enabling us to cover his entire tuition with tax-credit scholarships. This past year has been so transformative. He loves his new school and he’s slowly but surely learning how to read! He’s a part of a supportive community and we couldn’t be happier to see my son learning and thriving. We support educational freedom and feel that every child deserves an educational path tailored to their unique needs.

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