The Gioiosa Family

Our family found Love Your School the same way that so many others do, through the referral of a friend. Our son was having some academic challenges and LYS was so helpful in supporting us as we fought to get him evaluated by the school. Who knew that the evaluation process could be so overwhelming and challenging?! We are so thankful that Love Your School was with us every step of the way, never faltering in their support or empathy. LYS helped us until an optimal solution was identified, in our case, even providing school search services when we decided that we needed a fresh start for our son. The resources and guidance Love Your School offered has made such a HUGE impact on our family. We now have more time together as a family, less stress, and our son is receiving the services that he needs to thrive in his academic career. We are so thankful for Love Your School and their unwavering support, it made all the difference.

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