Jenny Clark

Founder & CEO

Arizona native and mother of five, Jenny Clark knows full well the unique variations in how children learn. They thrive in a variety of different educational environments. Jenny grew up in Arizona, attended her local district school from K-12, and then continued on to the University of Arizona and received a BSBA in Business Economics. Today, she utilizes a variety of schooling options for her own family, and loves sharing with other families about their options and helping them find the right fit for their kids!


That’s what inspired Love Your School. Jenny wanted to create an avenue for families and schools to share more about the amazing ways Arizona kids are learning, growing, and loving their education – whether they are in district, charter, private, online, homeschool, microschool, learning pod, or receive an Arizona Empowerment Scholarship.

Lucy Willing

Operations Director

Lucy is passionate about school choice and empowering families to find school options that serve them best. New to Arizona, she was amazed that a state can offer so many education possibilities for families! Lucy has a Bachelor’s in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College with a focus in counseling. She is also currently working towards her MABTS at Phoenix Seminary. Lucy worked in early childhood development programs serving children ages one to five, and also spent years tutoring and academic-mentoring students ages 14-22 in the United States, Lebanon, Slovakia, and the Netherlands. Lucy knows first-hand how important individualized education is for students and is grateful to live in Arizona where children are given the opportunity to attend a school that allows them to thrive!

Lindsey White

Parent Support Coordinator

Lindsey White and her family have called the East Valley home since 2015. She grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Indiana and graduated from Purdue University with a degree in Organizational Communication. Moving to Arizona just as her older daughter was about to enter Kindergarten, Lindsey was amazed (and a little overwhelmed!) at the varied school options available. Lindsey loves working with a team that is dedicated to helping families navigate their options and find a school that they LOVE.

Deanna Dworak

grassroots coordinator

Hello! My name is Deanna! I grew up in Colorado and moved to
Arizona for college. I fell in love with the warm weather and sunsets
and decided to stay. I have taught 4th grade and worked with kids in
the foster care system and have found a deep passion for all kids to
be in a school environment where they can grow and learn. I am so
thankful that I get to connect with parents and students daily and
help them find the best school fit for them.

Shannon Graeff

partnership manager

Shannon is an Arizona native and benefited from Arizona’s wonderful school choice options growing up. She graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor’s in Government with an emphasis in State and Local Policy. Shannon has experience working on Capitol Hill as well as liberty minded nonprofits in Washington, DC and Arizona. Shannon is passionate about education freedom and wants to help ensure that every child and family loves their school!

Ellie Mohr

special education advocacy intern

Ellie calls Arizona home. She is passionate about special education advocacy and uses her writing skills to equip and empower parents in their education options. Ellie produces articles and resources weekly for parents to access as they navigate their child’s education journey.

Marta MacBan

Parent Support Specialist

Marta MacBan is a mom of two beautiful girls. She grew up in Arizona at a time when every child went to their neighborhood public school. Now she is a parent she has learned there are so many great options in Arizona and that there is not one fit for every child. Her passion for education has grown since having children. After exploring a few options, her family is now part of a cottage school so that they can learn together as a family and as a community. She loves helping other families learn about the various school options and programs out there to find a school they love!

Tatiana Marchuk Peña

Parent Support Specialist

Tatiana Peña was born, raised, and currently resides in South Phoenix. She grew up attending public schools in South Phoenix, as well as Tempe. She earned a bachelor’s degree in multi-lingual and multi-cultural education at Arizona State University. She worked as a teacher in public, internationally, and private schools teaching from pre-school- 1st grade. Tatiana completed a Master’s in Public Administration from Grand Canyon University. She is married and has five daughters. Knowing how valuable a good education can be to give children better opportunities for success, Tatiana values giving children and families educational equality through school choice. She loves advocating for families to have better access to quality education, whether it be through public or private options. Tatiana is fluent in Spanish and regularly works to help immigrant families find better solutions to meet the needs of their children in education.

Linda Crosby

Parent Support Specialist

Linda Crosby is an author, speaker, humorist and homeschool mom from Phoenix, Arizona. She has taught in public and private schools, kindergarten, junior high and special education. For 21 years Rick and Linda homeschooled their four children and she taught high school literature/history classes. Linda has been encouraging audiences across the USA and Canada since 2003 with a message of hope, laughter, and endurance. Her book titles include Laughing in the Midst of Mothering and Laughing in the Midst of Marriage. Rick and Linda served on the Arizona homeschool board for six years and graduated their last homeschooler in 2022. The Crosbys participated in the Empowerment Scholarship Account for six years. Linda takes a fancy to playing board games, fishing, painting, and nature journaling, all of which were incorporated in their homeschool adventure. Her mission is to spread joy!

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