The Stamm Family

We never set out to become proponents of Arizona’s universal ESA program, but here we are! We have two sweet kids and just like so many other families, our children have differing needs when it comes to their education. We previously attended a public charter school and while that worked well for a while, as the years passed it became increasingly evident that our daughter specifically might thrive in a different environment…one with more individualized instruction and flexibility. We heard through friends about their Christian hybrid school and while it sounded fantastic, we were not looking forward to the impact tuition would have on our family budget. Once we learned that we could use ESA funding, we decided to make the switch and we are so thankful we did. Both of my children are flourishing at their new school, both academically and socially. We have also grown as a family due to the at home learning days. We are so thankful that Arizona is a trailblazer in the area of school choice, enabling families like mine to find the best possible educational fit for our children.

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