The Buchert Family

I first met Love Your School through my mom. My mom had met Jenny at a conference in Arkansas and approached her about what we had been struggling with. Jenny was kind enough to connect me to Love Your School right away.

Love Your School was not like other services that you have to go to for your kids – it was quick and easy to get in contact with them! It was so refreshing to have them jump right in and help. I spoke with the special education specialist on their staff, and it was just so reassuring to hear someone else say, “This is not the right fit for Emmett.” Sometimes as a parent of a kid with special needs, it’s hard to trust your gut and take the big step to make a change like this. Having that reassurance was so helpful. I also received a list of potential schools that they felt would be good for him, which helped me feel less overwhelmed with all the options out there. I then transferred my son to a different school, and during the first couple of days at his new school, he said, “totally worth it.” Music to my ears!

To others families who might be considering reaching out to LYS for support, let me say this:

You have nothing to lose. If nothing else, it’s so great to have a sounding board and support when dealing with issues at your current school. We all could use a little extra help since the education system can be so overwhelming, so why not take advantage?

Love Your School has been so invaluable to me and my family.. So many things that would be great for our kids are cost-prohibitive or just plain too difficult to obtain due to bureaucracy and long wait times. It is such a blessing to be able to get timely help when your child is potentially in crisis at school. I am so thankful they were there to help me right away – now my son is enjoying school!

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