89. Coding for Kids: All About CodaKid with David Dodge

Today, I am joined by David Dodge, the founder of CodaKid. Together, we’re diving into the world of CodaKid, an extraordinary online kids’ coding academy and tech camp. CodaKid specializes in teaching kids the art of coding games, apps, Roblox levels, and Minecraft mods using real programming languages and professional-grade tools. What sets CodaKid apart is its self-paced online classes, allowing young learners to advance at their own pace. To add to this, a team of friendly engineers provides live support, ensuring that kids receive guidance and assistance as they embark on their coding journey. They also offer private online tutoring with their award-winning curriculum, which is great for students who need more structure. Check out this episode to learn more about CodaKid and all they have to offer!


Episode Highlights:

  • More about David and how he started CodaKid
  • Self-study platform
  • Tutoring/Mentorship
  • Higher Level Programs- AI and 3D games
  • Connecting CodaKid to your child’s school
  • Incorporating CodaKid into the household
  • Using an ESA for CodaKid

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