What is an STO? Many families don’t realize that a private school education in Arizona can  be very affordable. Tax credit scholarship programs give families with limited financial means the ability to enroll their children in the private school that works for their child and meets their unique needs. Thousands of Arizona children are benefiting

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Parents’ Rights in Public School

District Schools In a district school, parents have the right to: Participate in their child’s school, cooperate with their child’s teacher, and complete a parent-teacher satisfaction survey. (ARS 15-102) Learn about the course of study for their children and review learning materials, including the source of any supplemental educational materials. (ARS 15-102) Review learning materials

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What is Microschooling? Families across the United States are now looking into options like Microschools and Micro-pods or Learning Pods. Arizona is home to a brand new and innovative model of schooling known as “microschooling”  – which is gaining attention as families are considering the educational options they have for the upcoming school year. Additionally,

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What does it mean to Homeschool under Arizona law? According to A.R.S. §15-802(G)(2), Homeschool means a nonpublic school conducted primarily by the parent, guardian or other person who has custody of the child or nonpublic instruction provided in the child’s home. Homeschoolers are parents or legal guardians who choose to educate their own children at

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What is an ESA? Empowerment Scholarship Accounts (ESAs) were expanded in 2022 with House Bill 2853! This scholarship gives families 90% of the state budget’s funds per student directly to families. Any student in grades K-12 can opt out of the public school system and receive an ESA. Parents can apply for an ESA year

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