Celebrating Diversity in Arizona Public Schools

by | Aug 26, 2019 | Articles, Uncategorized

In Arizona, approximately 1.1 million children attend a public school — 83 percent district and 17 percent charter, according to the 2018 Superintendent’s Annual Report. One study in Arizona found that over 47 percent of public school students attend a public school other than the one to which they are assigned based on home address. This means these families utilized school options for their students – and open enrolled them in a different district school, or enrolled them in a charter school. This is one example of the diverse educational choices made by Arizona families. 

In fact, Arizona district and charter schools serve students from every background, and both types serve a “majority-minority” student body statewide. Among charter schools, roughly 56% of students come from ethnic minority groups, as do 63% of students in districts. In other words, if your family chooses a public school—whether district or charter—your kids will be joining hundreds of thousands of peers from all walks of life.

Source: 2017-2018 ADE Enrollment Data 

Arizona continues to be a leader in providing diverse educational opportunities for all Arizona families. That’s something that all Arizonans can celebrate!



Jenny Clark

Founder, Love Your School