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Making Economic and Financial Education a Priority: Arizona Council on Economic Education

Did you know children as young as Kindergarten can start learning about economics and financial literacy? Today we are talking with Teresa Mungai and Kathy Pondy from The Arizona Council on Economic Education (ACEE). The ACEE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to economic and financial literacy, and workforce development in Arizona. At the ACEE, their mission is to reach and teach every Arizona student (k-12) to become financially and economically responsible in work and life. Not only do they provide resources for students, but they also offer free workshops and resources for teachers as well. Listen to today’s podcast to learn more about the ACEE, and how their resources could benefit your family or school. 

Things we Discussed in this Episode:

Free economic contests/activities available for students k-12 Financial and Economic education for all students Equipping teachers with economic workshops and resources Hands-on and meaningful financial learning  

More on Guests: 

Check out all of the resources mentioned on the ACEE website at https://www.azecon.org/ Follow the ACEE on Twitter @AzCouncilEconEd Find the ACEE on Facebook Subscribe to The Arizona Council on Economic Education Youtube Channel  

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