Helping Students Thrive with Kathy Britton from PS Academy


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Helping Students Thrive with Kathy Britton from PS Academy

Today we are with Kathy Britton, Director of Operations/Admissions at PS Academy. PS Academy is a K-12 private school for students with autism and other exceptionalities, located in Gilbert, Arizona. At PS Academy, they  believe all students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD’s) should have the opportunity to flourish. Their mission is to enrich the lives of their students both academically and socially. They focus on long term goals for a higher quality of life. PS Academy offers a safe and inclusive environment that empowers students to learn, be responsible, communicate effectively and thrive in their homes and communities. Check out this episode to learn more! 


Episode Highlights:

  • All about PS Academy
  • Private school for students with autism 
  • Safe and Inclusive Educational Environment
  • School Choice


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