All about the Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant with Emily Anne Gullickson


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all about the arizona transportation modernization grant with emily anne gullickson

  •  Today we are chatting with Emily Anne Gullickson, Founder and CEO of A for Arizona. At A for Arizona, Emily Anne has designed, facilitated, and implemented first-of-its-kind initiatives and solutions to rapidly increase the number of low-income students attending Arizona’s top-performing schools. Today she leads the community and her team to improve and transform the Arizona education system to ensure educational equity for all students. In this episode, Emily  tells us about the Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant which aims to close the gap of transportation barriers, so that students in Arizona have access to the school that best fits their needs. Check out this episode to learn more about this grant and how it could be beneficial for you. 


    Episode Highlights:

    • Arizona Transportation Modernization Grant
    • Transportation Barriers 
    • Expansion and Innovation Fund
    • Switching from a one size fits all model to offering multiple options 


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