The Finneran Family

My family is so grateful we have options in our children’s schooling. I never imagined that we would ever homeschool our kids, but with all the changes and restrictions in the school district this year due to Covid-19, my husband and I made the decision to take their education in to our own hands. With …

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The Gentry’s

My son was in the Pre developmental preschool at the public school in our district last year. My son is autistic and really benefits from being in school early. This year, they started the year online, which actually worked well for us. When our school district decided to go back in person (well before it …

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Margo’s Story

I’m so thankful for school options in Arizona. My daughter is the 2nd of my children to go through high school. We chose her current public high school based on her interests. It is a different high school than we chose for our oldest child because this high school offers a stellar marching band program. …

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The Romo Children

We unsuccessfully navigated through our public school system for 4yrs before discovering the true beauty of school choice and what that could look like for our family. It wasn’t until exhausting all options (self-contained, inclusion, open-enrollment, charter school) that our speech therapist informed us about ESA. It then took us another year before we took …

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The Gurry Family

When we decided to move to Arizona we didn’t even know what school choice meant. Because of a limited income, anything outside of public school was out of the question when we lived in other states. Moving here, we found out about the incredible array of options for residents, really allowing us to tailor our …

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