District Schools


UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCES   District School: The traditional style of public school. Each district covers a geographic region of the state and typically oversees multiple schools. Every school within a district generally teaches the same curriculum, which is approved by board members who are chosen through district-wide elections. By default, students are assigned to the …


Parent’s Rights in Public School

DISTRICT SCHOOLS In a district school, parents have the right to: Participate in their child’s school, cooperate with their child’s teacher, and complete a parent-teacher satisfaction survey. (ARS 15-102) Learn about the course of study for their children and review learning materials, including the source of any supplemental educational materials. (ARS 15-102) Review learning materials …

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Let’s Celebrate School Options in Arizona!

EVERY FAMILY SHOULD BE ABLE TO ANSWER THE QUESTION, “DO YOU LOVE YOUR SCHOOL?” WITH A RESOUNDING, “YES!” When it comes to education, there is something for everyone in Arizona. We’re here to help families explore the many school options available, and celebrate each one through creative storytelling, relevant and fun resources, and practical support …

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What Is A “Magnet” School?

A magnet school refers to a public school that draws students (like a magnet) out of a zoned school, into more specialized areas of study. These programs are still public schools under the Arizona Department of Education and local school districts. They are yet another wonderful public school avenue for Arizona families to choose from …

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Do enrollment numbers reflect school preference?

Should we assume the school a student attends is necessarily his or her top choice? A recent study from EdChoice suggests we should not make that assumption.     The report, “Schooling in America – 2019,” took a look once again at school type enrollment and parental satisfaction. The majority of the parents surveyed have had their …

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Arizona has school options worth celebrating

Arizona is known for implementing unique and innovative solutions to the challenges it’s citizens face. When it comes to education, this is no different. 25 years ago, lawmakers and community leaders made charter schools a reality for Arizona families. Since that time, charter schools– accompanied by an array of additional school choice opportunities–have enabled Arizona …

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