The Socratic Experience

The Socratic Experience is not the typical online school. Its programs are based on the Socratic method—a dialog between instructor and students characterized by constantly probing questions that uncover a student’s underlying beliefs that form their perspective and opinions. This approach to learning helps children and teens develop their unique genius and prepares them for …

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Saddle Up With Hoofbeatz!

Society today recognizes the importance of children’s social well-being in addition to their academic learning. There are now many programs outside of the school system that can also help students in areas such as confidence, leadership, and building emotional connections. One local organization provides these and more through a unique process of working with horses.  …

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If You Don’t Love Your School – You Don’t Have to Stay There!

In the past two years since I started Love Your School, I have heard a lot of different stories from families about their child’s educational experiences. Everything from how much they adore the faculty and staff at their school, to how disappointed they are that their child’s struggles are not being acknowledged or helped in …

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